Dallas Tree Removal Cost

Tree Removal Cost MainDallas tree removal cost – Dallas Tree Service Specialists breaks down the costs and tip.  Because homeowners rarely deal with tree removal, most are unsure about cost and options. We want to educate homeowners on the costs involved in tree removal.  There are many factors that determine how much tree removal costs for a particular yard.  Average tree removal cost in Dallas is around $700 but prices can range from $200 to $2000+ depending on size and type of tree.  Please consider these dynamics when hiring a tree service specialist to get the best value.  Dallas tree removal cost factors include:

Tree Height

Tree Height Cost The bigger they are…the more that it costs!  An obvious factor of tree removal cost is how tall a tree is.  In most cases, the height of the tree will be the main contributing factor how much expensive or economical removing a tree from your yard is.  An expert arborist will often disassemble a tree in parts so ensure safety of surrounding property.

Tree Width

Tree Diameter CostIn addition to how tall a tree is, the diameter of a tree will also be a factor in how much Dallas tree removal costs.  The thicker and wider a tree is, the more work it takes to cut and remove from a yard. An arborist will be able to give an estimated cost upon determining tree width and type.

Tree Condition

Dead Tree CostA healthy, strong tree is much harder to cut through than a dead or rotting tree.  The wear and tear a strong tree adds to arborists is reflected in the increased price for tree removal cost.  While it is unfortunate case that proper tree care is penalized in removal, a positive outlook is that healthy trees rarely require removal.  Aesthetic issues from a tree may be resolved by proper tree trimming and tree pruning.  An arborist should seldom advise the removal of a healthy tree unless it is at the direct request of a homeowner.

Nearby Property

Damage Tree CostDallas tree removal cost increases with added liability by nearby houses and property.  It may be much for difficult to cut down a tree near a home than one remotely placed on a yard.  Arborists are cautious to not damage surrounding properties when performing tree removal.  In some cases, additional machinery and techniques may be required to remove a tree safely if there is adjacent property.

Time Constraints

Trees in StormTree removal is often a planned undertaking which should happen weeks if not months in advance.  Expert arborist and heavy machinery are often needed to properly perform tree removal.  Rushing tree removal to be prioritized for a closer date may raise costs significantly.  An approaching storm or hurricane will make notice of the need for tree removal.  Be sure to remove unsafe tree before a storm arises to protect both your home and your wallet!

Additional Considerations

Fallen Tree Removal Cost in Dallas

A fallen or broken tree will undoubtedly need to be removed.  To be clear, we are speaking of trees which have not fallen onto a house or property. Fallen tree removal from an arborist cleans up your yard and is frequently at the lower end of the price spectrum.

Damage Inducing Tree Removal Cost in Dallas

Most likely the biggest nightmare for any owner is a tree that has fallen onto their house.  It is not uncommon to property damage from tree in the aftermath of a storm, tornado, or hurricane.  Dallas tree removal cost for trees which must be carefully removed to prevent more property damage is often the most costly.   In addition to the added liability in additional property damage these operations bring, there is also an added cost in the increase in danger it poses to arborist.  Tree damage can cripple a home and pose a significant danger to residents if ignored.

Stump Grinding Cost in Dallas

Stump grinding is rarely included in the estimate for tree removal cost.  Because different techniques and machinery are required to remove tree stumps, the two operations can be performed separately if needed.  Removing stump is often done for aesthetic value and property value.  While it does not have the urgency for safety as tree removal, a dead stump can ruin a view of most yards.

Shop Around

Because Dallas tree removal cost can fluctuate between estimators, we advise homeowners shop around for trusted arborist.  Most respectable tree service companies in Dallas will charge around the same for tree removal.  A quote that is too low may by a sign of lower experience or cheaper machinery – be sure to look for certification and insurance from tree service companies.

Have more Questions?

Our friendly staff is happy to answer any further questions you may have about tree removal costs.  Most owners do not have the heavy machinery or expertise needed to properly remove trees.  Attempting to remove a large tree without the proper tools can result in property damage or injury.   Call Dallas Tree Service Specialists today for a free estimate on Dallas tree removal costs at 214.347.4073!

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